Out of Tune

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What is Out of Tune about?

Out of Tune was a British children's TV sitcom which was shown on CBBC from 1996 to 1998. It features a group of fictional children that belong to a church choir at a school and their practice sessions. However the choir is humorously bad, hence the name 'Out of Tune', and the practice sessions are often interrupted by one thing or another. The show aired at 4:35 on BBC1 on Tuesday and Wednesday and it had a total of 40 episodes over three series. The first series started on 14 February 1996 and finished on 4 June later that year. The last episode was aired on 9 June 1998.

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How long is every episode of Out of Tune?

Each episode of Out of Tune is about 25 minutes.

Who plays in Out of Tune?

Out of Tune stars .

What's Out of Tune's genre?

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What language is Out of Tune?

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When did Out of Tune start airing?

Out of Tune started airing on 1996-02-14.

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